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Practice Relating to Rule 133. Property Rights of Displaced Persons
Section A. Safeguard of property rights
In its National Policies on Internally Displaced Persons adopted in 2007, Nepal stated:
1. Background
Due to natural disasters, human-made circumstances and disasters, armed conflict and situations of violence and fears having [been] created therefrom, persons and families are forcefully displaced from their homes or places of their habitual residence and thus they are time and again required to face such situations that force them to reside in other parts of the country. …
Therefore, the State is required to make appropriate provisions for their return to their place of habitual residence or settling them voluntarily in other places in the country. …
3. Definitions:
For the purpose of these Policies:
(a) “Internally Displaced Person” means a person who is living somewhere else in the country after having [been] forced to flee or leave their home or place of habitual residence due to armed conflict or situation of violence or gross violations of human rights or natural disasters or human-made disasters … or with an intention of avoiding the effects of such situations.
8. Policies
In relation to internal displacement, the following policies will be adopted:
8.1 Regarding Human Rights Protection
8.1.10 Arrangements will be made for giving protection from destruction, indiscriminate or illegal utilization or use of goods and property left [behind], but owned, by displaced persons. 
Nepal, National Policies on Internally Displaced Persons, adopted by the Government on 22 February 2007, §§ 1, 3, 8, and 8.1.10.