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Practice Relating to Rule 131. Treatment of Displaced Persons
Section A. Provision of basic necessities
In 2007, in its National Policies on Internally Displaced Persons, Nepal stated:
1. Background
Due to natural disasters, human-made circumstances and disasters, armed conflict and situations of violence and fears having [been] created therefrom, persons and families are forcefully displaced from their homes or places of their habitual residence and thus they are time and again required to face such situations that force them to reside in other parts of the country. …
Therefore, the State is required to play a leading role to … make provisions for immediate relief and the necessary humanitarian support and services …
3. Definitions:
For the purpose of these Policies:
(a) “Internally Displaced Person” means a person who is living somewhere else in the country after having [been] forced to flee or leave their home or place of habitual residence due to armed conflict or situation of violence or gross violations of human rights or natural disasters or human-made disasters … or with an intention of avoiding the effects of such situations.
6. Objectives
6.2 To provide relief, benefits and facilities by developing integrated and coordinated mechanisms with the involvement, among others, of displaced persons for the protection of the fundamental rights and basic human rights of internally displaced persons and [the] minimization of adverse effects to be inflicted on local communities as a result of displaced persons.
7. Strategies
In order to achieve the objectives of these policies, the following strategies will be adopted:
7.4 Technical and financial means and resources … required for providing basic services of employment, education and health to internally displaced persons will be collected and mobilized …
8.2. Regarding Relief
8.2.1 By looking into the situation of displaced persons, certain norms will be developed to immediately provide relief, and provisions will be made to distribute the relief accordingly. Similarly, a temporary arrangement … [for shelters] will be made until the permanent and safe [provision of accommodation] … is managed.
8.2.2 Based on the situation of means and resources, arrangements for the availability of proper shelter, security, food grain and health facilities will be made for displaced persons or families … [by] governmental and other bodies concerned.
8.2.3 In order to provide immediately the necessary protection and humanitarian assistance to internally displaced persons, governmental as well as other concerned bodies will … [work in an] action[-]oriented [way].
9. Programmes
For the implementation of the above mentioned strategies and policies, the following programmes will be undertaken:
9.2 Programmes on relief and temporary housing facilities for internally displaced persons. 
Nepal, National Policies on Internally Displaced Persons, 22 February 2007, §§ 1, 3, 6.2, 7, 7.4, 8.2.1–8.2.3, 9 and 9.2.