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Sri Lanka
Practice Relating to Rule 131. Treatment of Displaced Persons
Section D. Specific needs of displaced women, children and elderly persons
In 1994, in its initial report to the Committee on the Rights of the Child, Sri Lanka noted:
A special effort is being made to meet the needs of children in varying situations … These include health and nutritional needs of infants and pre-school children, education for children of school age, care and rehabilitation for children traumatized by violence and deprivation of parents, and restoration to homes and families in the case of children who have been separated from parents or who have lost them … The government has been working closely with NGOs to provide the basic needs of households including the special needs of children. Several programmes have been initiated to deal with problems of traumatized children and children separated from parents. 
Sri Lanka, Initial report to the Committee on the Rights of the Child, UN Doc. CRC/C/8/Add.13, 5 May 1994, § 146.