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Sri Lanka
Practice Relating to Rule 116. Accounting for the Dead
Sri Lanka’s Prisons Ordinance (1878), as amended to 2005, states:
21. On the death of any prisoner the medical officer shall forthwith record in writing the following particulars, namely:–
(a) when the deceased was taken ill;
(b) when the medical officer was first informed of the illness;
(c) the nature of the disease;
(d) when the prisoner died;
(e) and (in cases where a post-mortem examination is made) an account of the appearances after death; together with any special remarks that may appear to the medical officer to be required.
26. Upon the death of a prisoner the jailer shall give immediate notice thereof to the Superintendent and to the Magistrate having jurisdiction over the area in which the prison is situated, and also when practicable, to the nearest relative of the deceased. 
Sri Lanka, Prisons Ordinance, 1878, as amended to 2005, Articles 21 and 26.
These articles apply to persons deprived of their liberty under Sri Lanka’s Emergency Regulations (2005) pursuant to section 19 of these regulations.