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Islamic Republic of Iran
Practice Relating to Rule 107. Spies
Section A. Definition of spies
The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army Penal and Procedure Code (1939) states:
[T]he following persons are considered as spies and are to be sentenced to capital punishment:
1. Anyone who entered a fort or fortified place or post or any military institution … to gain information and documents for the benefit of the enemy.
2. Anyone who obtains information or documents for the enemy which can be harmful for army operations or for the security of forts or fortified places or posts or military institutions.
3. Anyone who deliberately hides or provides the means for hiding spies …
4. Anyone who, against the interests of the country, gives political or military secrets or keys of the codes to foreigners. 
Islamic Republic of Iran, Army Penal and Procedure Code, 1939, Article 313.