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Practice Relating to Rule 98. Enforced Disappearance
In 2008, in a written response to a question on human rights issues, Ireland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs stated:
[T]he Government is completely opposed to the practice of the extraordinary rendition of prisoners.
The Committee [Cabinet Committee on Aspects of International Human Rights] has agreed that early contact should be made with the new US Administration to seek a clear statement of intent that extraordinary rendition would cease and would not resume during the new President’s term of office. … [W]hat we are looking for is a clear overall policy statement which would commit the new Administration to end the practice of extraordinary rendition wherever it may be occurring. 
Ireland, Dáil Eireann (House of Deputies), Minister for Foreign Affairs, Written Answers—Human Rights Issues (2), Dáil Eireann debate Vol. 666 No. 3, 11 November 2008.