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Practice Relating to Rule 122. Pillage of the Personal Belongings of Persons Deprived of Their Liberty
The Hellenic Territorial Army’s Internal Service Code (1984), as amended, provides: “All effects and articles of personal use except arms, military equipment and military documents shall remain in the possession of PoWs [prisoners of war].” 
Greece, Hellenic Territorial Army Regulation of Internal Service Code, Presidential Decree 130/1984 (Military Regulation 20-1), as amended, Article 16.
The Hellenic Navy Regulations (1993), as amended, provide: “[P]ersonal belongings [of prisoners of war] shall be protected.” 
Greece, Hellenic Navy Regulations (Part A), Presidential Decree 210/1993, as amended, Article 1408.
Under Greece’s Military Penal Code (1995), “the soldier who takes money or other belongings away from a prisoner of war” is to be punished. 
Greece, Military Penal Code, 1995, Article 164.