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Practice Relating to Rule 88. Non-Discrimination
Section C. Wounded and sick
Guinea’s Soldier’s Manual (2010), under the heading “Rules of conduct in combat”, states: “Collect, protect and care for the wounded and sick, whether they are friends, enemies or civilians.” 
Guinea, Soldier’s Manual, Ministry of National Defence, 2010, p. 15.
Guinea’s Code of Medical Ethics (1996) states:
A Physician shall listen to, examine, advise or treat with the same conscientiousness all persons irrespective of their origin, their customs, their marital status, their affiliation to an ethnic group, nation or religion or lack thereof, their disability or state of health, their reputation or the feelings he might have for them. He shall provide them with his assistance in all circumstances. 
Guinea, Code of Medical Ethics, 1996, Article 7.