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Practice Relating to Rule 26. Medical Activities
Guinea’s Code of Medical Ethics (1996) states:
Article 4. – Professional secrecy established in the interest of patients is required for all Physicians within the conditions laid down by the law. The secrecy covers everything that has come to the knowledge of the Physician in the exercise of his profession; that is to say not only what has been confided in him, but also what he has seen, heard or understood.
Article 44. – For each patient, the Physician shall keep a personal medical record; this record is confidential and contains regularly updated information required for decisions of diagnostic and therapeutic character. In all cases, these documents are kept under the responsibility of the Physician.
Article 71. – The Physician must protect medical documents concerning the people he has treated or examined against any indiscretion, whatever is the documents’ content and form. 
Guinea, Code of Medical Ethics, 1996, Articles 4, 44 and 71.