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Practice Relating to Rule 142. Instruction in International Humanitarian Law within Armed Forces
In 1999, the Egyptian Government, in cooperation with the National Red Crescent Society, the League of Arab States and the ICRC, organized a regional seminar commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Geneva Conventions. The seminar adopted the Cairo Declaration, which urges Arab countries to implement IHL and set up national committees on IHL. 
ICRC, Advisory Service, 1999 Annual Report, Geneva, 2000, p. 24.
According to the Report on the Practice of Egypt, IHL is taught in military camps and military institutions in cooperation with the ICRC. The report also notes that in 1991, the Egyptian Ministry of Defence published a manual entitled “Basic Principles of the Law of War and International Humanitarian Law”. 
Report on the Practice of Egypt, 1997, Chapter 6.6.