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Practice Relating to Rule 77. Expanding Bullets
Ecuador’s Naval Manual (1989) states:
Weapons which cause superfluous injury or unnecessary suffering are prohibited because the degree of pain, the severity of the injuries and the certainty of death they entail are clearly out of all proportion with the military advantage to be gained by their use … [D]um-dum bullets belong in this category since the small military advantage that may be derived from their use guarantees death due to … the expanding effect of soft-nosed or unjacketed lead bullets. 
Ecuador, Aspectos Importantes del Derecho Internacional Marítimo que Deben Tener Presente los Comandantes de los Buques, Academia de Guerra Naval, 1989, § 9.1.1.
Ecuador’s National Civil Police Penal Code (1960) punishes the members of the National Civil Police “who use or order to be used … dum-dum bullets”. 
Ecuador, National Civil Police Penal Code, 1960, Article 117(4).