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Dominican Republic
Practice Relating to Rule 48. Attacks against Persons Parachuting from an Aircraft in Distress
The Dominican Republic’s Military Manual (1980) provides:
Individuals parachuting from a burning or disabled aircraft are considered helpless until they reach the ground. You should not fire on them while they are in the air. If they use their weapons or do not surrender upon landing, they must be considered combatants.
On the other hand, paratroopers who are jumping from an airplane to fight against you are targets and you may fire at them while they are still in the air. 
Dominican Republic, La Conducta en Combate según las Leyes de la Guerra, Escuela Superior de las FF. AA. “General de Brigada Pablo Duarte”, Secretaría de Estado de las Fuerzas Armadas, May 1980, p. 5.