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Dominican Republic
Practice Relating to Rule 118. Provision of Basic Necessities to Persons Deprived of Their Liberty
The Dominican Republic’s Military Manual (1980) requires that all prisoners and detainees, whatever their status, receive the same medical attention as friendly forces would receive. 
Dominican Republic, La Conducta en Combate según las Leyes de la Guerra, Escuela Superior de las FF. AA. “General de Brigada Pablo Duarte”, Secretaría de Estado de las Fuerzas Armadas, May 1980, p. 8.
The Dominican Republic’s Code of Military Justice (1953) provides that any member of the armed forces who deprives prisoners of war of necessary food shall be punished by imprisonment. 
Dominican Republic, Code of Military Justice, 1953, Article 201(1).
Guinea’s Children’s Code (2008) states: “A Child shall benefit from material conditions of detention or internment appropriate to his or her age.” 
Guinea, Children’s Code, 2008, Article 435.