Norma relacionada
Practice Relating to Rule 119. Accommodation for Women Deprived of Their Liberty
Cameroon’s Instructor’s Manual (1992) provides that separate accommodation shall be provided to women prisoners. 
Cameroon, Droit international humanitaire et droit de la guerre, Manuel de l’instructeur en vigueur dans les Forces Armées, Présidence de la République, Ministère de la Défense, Etat-major des Armées, Troisième Division, Edition 1992, p. 117, § 431.
Cameroon’s Instructor’s Manual (2006) states with regard to women prisoners of war:
Women must be detained in locations separate from men and guarded by women …
Pregnant women and mothers of young children dependent on them must be released as quickly as possible. Prisoners of war must not receive a more serious sentence or, while they serve a sentence, they must not be treated more severely than women or men who are members of the armed forces of the Detaining Power and who are being punished for a similar offence. 
Cameroon, Droit des conflits armés et droit international humanitaire, Manuel de l’instructeur en vigueur dans les forces de défense, Ministère de la Défense, Présidence de la République, Etat-major des Armées, 2006, p. 265, §621.