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Central African Republic
Practice Relating to Rule 99. Deprivation of Liberty
Section C. Prompt information on the reasons for deprivation of liberty
The Central African Republic’s Penal Procedure Code (2010) states:
Any person apprehended with the aim of being handed over in response to an arrest warrant [from the International Criminal Court (ICC)] must be referred to the Public Prosecutor with jurisdiction [over the matter] within twenty four hours. Within this time limit, the provisions of the present code are applicable [to the individual]. After having verified the identity of this person, the magistrate must inform him or her, in a language he or she understands, that he or she is being arrested in order to be surrendered [to the ICC] and that he or she will appear before the public prosecutor of the Court of Appeal. 
Central African Republic, Penal Procedure Code, 2010, Article 349.