Bosnia and Herzegovina
Practice Relating to the Use of Prohibited Weapons
Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Military Instructions (1992) states: “All means and methods of warfare are allowed, except for the ones which are prohibited or restricted by the international law of war.” 
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Instructions on the Implementation of the International Law of War in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Official Gazette of ABiH, No. 2/92, 5 December 1992, Item 5, § 1.
Under the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Criminal Code (1998), the use of, or order to use, “means or practices of warfare prohibited by the rules of international law” in time of war or armed conflict is a war crime. 
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Federation, Criminal Code, 1998, Article 160(1).
The Republika Srpska’s Criminal Code (2000) contains the same provision. 
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska, Criminal Code, 2000, Article 436(1).
Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Criminal Code (2003) states: “Whoever in time of war or armed conflict orders the violation of laws and practices of warfare, or whoever violates them, shall be punished by imprisonment for a term of not less than ten years or long-term imprisonment.” 
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Criminal Code, 2003, Article 179(1).