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Bosnia and Herzegovina
Practice Relating to Rule 49. War Booty
The Instructions to the Muslim Fighter (1993) issued by the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1993 contain the following commentary:
(b) War Booty:
… [I]t is clear that a fifth of war booty shall fall to the State treasury, and the other four-fifths belongs to the soldiers. However, in situations where the soldiers receive pay and in which the State has assumed the obligation to care for the soldiers and their families, … all war booty shall be placed at the disposal of the State … Because of this the most proper way for the State to dispose of war booty is through its army officers. 
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Instructions to the Muslim Fighter, booklet, ABiH 3rd Corps, 1993, § c, cited in ICTY, Hadžihasanović and Others Case, Amended Indictment, 11 January 2002, § 24.