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Bosnia and Herzegovina
Practice Relating to Rule 25. Medical Personnel
Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Military Instructions (1992) provides: “It is prohibited to intentionally attack military medical personnel.” 
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Instructions on the Implementation of the International Law of War in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Official Gazette of ABiH, No. 2/92, 5 December 1992, Item 15, § 3.
Under the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Criminal Code (1998), “murder, torture [or] inhuman treatment” of medical personnel is considered to be a war crime. 
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Federation, Criminal Code, 1998, Article 155.
The Republika Srpska’s Criminal Code (2000) contains the same provision. 
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska, Criminal Code, 2000, Article 434.
Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Criminal Code (2003) contains the following war crimes provision:
Whoever, in violation of the rules of international law in time of war or armed conflict, orders or perpetrates in regard to … medical personnel … any of the following acts:
(a) Depriving another person of their life (murder), intentional infliction of severe physical or mental pain or suffering upon a person (torture), inhuman treatment, including therein biological, medical or other scientific experiments, taking of tissue or organs for the purpose of transplantation;
(b) Causing of great suffering or serious injury to bodily integrity or health;
shall be punished by imprisonment for a term of not less than ten years or long-term imprisonment. 
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Criminal Code, 2003, Article 174(a) and (b).