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Bosnia and Herzegovina
Practice Relating to Rule 104. Respect for Convictions and Religious Practices
The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Criminal Code (1998) provides that compelling civilians to “forcible conversion to another … religion” is a war crime. 
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Federation, Criminal Code, 1998, Article 154(1).
The Republika Srpska’s Criminal Code (2000) contains the same provision. 
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska, Criminal Code, 2000, Articles 433(1), 434 and 435.
Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Criminal Code (2003) states that, in time of war, armed conflict or occupation, ordering or imposing “the forced conversion [of civilians] to another … religion”, in violation of international law, constitutes a war crime. 
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Criminal Code, 2003, Article 173(1)(d).
In 2005, in its initial report to the Human Rights Committee, Bosnia and Herzegovina stated:
204. [Under the Law on Freedom of Religion and on the Legal Status of Churches and Religious Communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2004)] it is regulated that every person has the right to freedom of religion and beliefs, including the right to freedom of public confessing and not confessing. Everyone also has the right to accept or change religion …
205. … [C]hurches and religious communities, during the preaching or other activities, must not support or spread intolerance and prejudices towards other churches and religious communities and their worshipers, or citizens without religious orientation, or inhibit them in their free, public expression of religion or other belief. They also must not perform rites and other aspects of expression of religion in any way that is opposed to legal order, public security, or morale, or which has a damaging effect on life or health, or on the rights and freedoms of others. 
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Initial report to the Human Rights Committee, 24 November 2005, UN Doc. CCPR/C/BIH/1, §§ 204–205.