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Yugoslavia, Socialist Federal Republic of
Practice Relating to Rule 57. Ruses of War
The Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia’s Military Manual (1988) states that ruses of war are lawful methods of conducting warfare which are used to deceive the enemy and achieve some advantage in battle or in the conduct of the war in general. It gives the following non-exhaustive list of ruses: all types of misinformation; simulation of large attacks, retreats, flights or panic, and any other type of simulation except vicious and perfidious ones; falsification of enemy commands; deceiving the enemy about the strength of one’s own forces and reserves; putting up dummy forts, positions, aircraft, take-off strips and minefields; use of make-believe signals, enemy watchwords, code signs and passwords; use of enemy uniforms without badges, removal of badges of ranks, units or services from one’s own uniform; and anything else that could deceive the enemy in order to achieve some advantage or which could in any other way have a psychological impact on the enemy. 
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