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Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Practice Relating to Rule 85. The Use of Incendiary Weapons against Combatants
Section A. The use of incendiary weapons in general
In 1969, in the context of the adoption of UN General Assembly Resolution 2444 (XXIII), the USSR stated:
For the purpose of crushing the resistance of the Arabs [in the territories occupied by Israel], the aggressors from Israel are continuing to use napalm, which is forbidden by international law.
The criminal, inhuman acts of the imperialist States are a shameful violation of international law, and also of the resolutions of the International Conferences of the Red Cross. 
USSR, Reply dated 30 December 1969 to the UN Secretary-General regarding the preparation of the study requested in paragraph 2 of General Assembly Resolution 2444 (XXIII), annexed to Report of the Secretary-General on respect for human rights in armed conflicts, UN Doc. A/8052, 18 September 1970, Annex III, p. 120.
In 1972, during a debate in the Sixth Committee of the UN General Assembly, the USSR stated that it “was in favour of the prohibition of means of warfare which were particularly cruel, because their use was incompatible with the norms of international law. One such means was napalm.” 
USSR, Statement before the Sixth Committee of the UN General Assembly, UN Doc. A/C.6/SR.1388, 9 December 1972, p. 469.