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Practice Relating to Rule 65. Perfidy
Section A. General
Argentina’s Law of War Manual (1969) provides that “the use of ruses and stratagems of war shall be legitimate as long as they do not imply the recourse to treason or to perfidy”, which are violations of the principle of good faith. 
Argentina, Leyes de Guerra, RC-46-1, Público, II Edición 1969, Ejército Argentino, Edición original aprobado por el Comandante en Jefe del Ejército, 9 May 1967, § 1.017.
Argentina’s Law of War Manual (1989) states:
Those acts are perfidious, which, relying on the good faith of an adversary with the intention to betray him, lead him to believe that he is entitled to, or is obliged to accord, protection under the rules of international law …
The prohibition of employing perfidious methods does not include stratagems. 
Argentina, Leyes de Guerra, PC-08-01, Público, Edición 1989, Estado Mayor Conjunto de las Fuerzas Armadas, aprobado por Resolución No. 489/89 del Ministerio de Defensa, 23 April 1990, § 1.05(2) and (3).