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Practice Relating to Rule 150. Reparation
Section B. Compensation
In 1998, the Norwegian Ministry of Justice drafted a White Paper for Parliament with the conclusion that in addition to an official apology to Norwegian Jewry, the government should pay out 450 million Norwegian Kroner in settlement of anti-Jewish measures such as confiscation of Jewish property taken by the Nazi occupation authorities and the Quisling regime during the Second World War. This amount reflected the share of the total loss that was confiscated by the Norwegian treasury during the Second World War. On 11 March 1999, the White Paper was unanimously adopted by all political parties in Parliament. The compensation was divided into two main categories: individual compensation, the fixed sum of 200,000 Norwegian Kroner (US$ 28,000) to be given to those persons in Norway who suffered from anti-Jewish measures during the war; and collective compensation of 250 million Norwegian Kroner (US$ 35 million) to be divided among Jewish communities in Norway. Under the White Paper, contributions were also to be made to establish a research centre for Holocaust studies and minority research in Norway. 
Norway, Ministry of Justice and the Police, White Paper No. 82 to the Storting, “Historical and moral settlement for the treatment in Norway of the economic liquidation of the Jewish minority during World War II”, 26 June 1998, approved by The King in Council on 26 June 1998, Stortingsproposisjon No. 82 (1997–1998).