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Practice Relating to Rule 121. Location of Internment and Detention Centres
Ukraine’s IHL Manual (2004) states: During hostilities the prisoners of war shall be evacuated from the area of combat within a short time and directed to the brigade reception station for prisoners of war for their initial registration.
Evacuation of the prisoners of war from the combat area shall be carried out with appropriate security measures and accompanied by a detachment appointed by the commander of the unit.
Only those prisoners of war who, owing to wounds or sickness, would run greater risks by being evacuated than by remaining where they are, may be temporarily kept back in a danger zone. Brigade reception station for prisoners of war shall be established by an order of the commander of a unit outside the combat organization of the unit.
Location of the brigade reception stations for prisoners of war shall ensure safety of the lives and health of prisoners of war. … It shall be prohibited:
- to situate camps (centres) of prisoners of war in the vicinity of enterprises of atomic energy, chemical and other potentially hazardous objects of industry, as well as of military objectives;
- use of camps (centres) for prisoners of war as well as the prisoners of war themselves to protect by their presence military objectives or any other areas of the capturing party. 
Ukraine, Manual on the Application of IHL Rules, Ministry of Defence, 11 September 2004, §§– and