Règle correspondante
Russian Federation
Practice Relating to Rule 158. Prosecution of War Crimes
Section B. Granting of asylum to suspected war criminals
The Russian Federation’s Federal Refugee Law (1993), as amended, states: “The provisions of this Federal Law shall not apply to a person … with respect to whom there are serious reasons for assuming that he has committed … a war crime … as defined in the international instruments drawn up to make provisions in respect to such crimes.” 
Russian Federation, Federal Law on Refugees, 1993, as amended, Article 2(1)(1).
The Russian Federation’s Law on Forcibly Displaced Persons (1993), as amended, states: “No person may be recognized as forcibly displaced if he/she has committed a crime against peace and humanity or another grave international crime.” 
Russian Federation, Law on Forcibly Displaced Persons, 1993, as amended, Article 1.