Règle correspondante
Practice Relating to Rule 131. Treatment of Displaced Persons
Section A. Provision of basic necessities
Peru’s Law on Internal Displacement (2004) states:
The authorities responsible for the … [forced] displacement shall ensure, to the greatest practicable extent, that proper accommodation is provided to the displaced persons … [and] that such displacement is carried out in satisfactory conditions of safety, nutrition, health and hygiene. 
Peru, Law on Internal Displacement, 2004, Article 8(2).
The Law also states:
The national authorities have the duty and responsibility to provide protection and humanitarian assistance to internally displaced persons within their jurisdiction. Internally displaced persons have the right to request and to receive protection and humanitarian assistance from these authorities. 
Peru, Law on Internal Displacement, 2004, Article 4(1).
The Law further states:
Humanitarian assistance is carried out in accordance with the principles of humanity and impartiality and without discrimination, for no more than six months from the moment the provision of humanitarian assistance begins. Special cases, if so required, shall be dealt with individually. 
Peru, Law on Internal Displacement, 2004, Article 10.
Peru’s Regulations to the Law on Internal Displacement (2005) states:
Internally displaced persons who return to their places of habitual residence or who have resettled in another part of the country have a right to:
k) Be protected against … gender-based violence and sexual exploitation.
l) Be protected against crimes of sexual violence and abuse against women and their families.
o) Health care in conditions of equality, participating in all preventive activities, as well as those aimed at recovery, rehabilitation and mental health. 
Peru, Regulations to the Law on Internal Displacement, 2005, Article 6(k)–(l) and (o).