Règle correspondante
Practice Relating to Rule 30. Persons and Objects Displaying the Distinctive Emblem
Mexico’s IHL Guidelines (2009), in a section entitled “Basic rules of conduct in armed conflict”, states: “Respect all persons and objects bearing the emblem of the red cross or red crescent … unless you receive orders to the contrary.” 
Mexico, Cartilla de Derecho Internacional Humanitario, Ministry of National Defence, 2009, § 14(h).
Mexico’s Emblem Law (2006) states:
The emblem and designation “Red Cross” in its protective use are granted to the persons, objects, units, transports and medical material when undertaking any of its functions in the context of an armed conflict. [The Red Cross] represents the inviolability of the medical mission and reminds combatants that the medical mission is protected, shall be respected and cannot be attacked. 
Mexico, Emblem Law, 2006, Article 7.
The Law also states:
The term “Red Cross” used in this law to make reference to the emblem or to the designation shall be understood as referring analogously to the emblem of the red crescent and to the designation “Red Crescent”, as well as to other emblems and designations provided for in international legal instruments to which Mexico is a party and which have the same use, function and purpose as provided for and regulated by international humanitarian law. 
Mexico, Emblem Law, 2006, Article 1.