Règle correspondante
Practice Relating to Rule 107. Spies
Section B. Status of spies
Croatia’s LOAC Compendium (1991) states:
The Occupying Power may impose the death penalty only on inhabitants guilty of espionage, sabotage [and] intentional offences having caused death. However, such offences must have been punishable by death under the law in force in occupied territory before occupation. 
Croatia, Compendium “Law of Armed Conflicts”, Republic of Croatia, Ministry of Defence, 1991, p. 65.
Croatia’s Commanders’ Manual (1992) provides: “Search for information in uniform or without disguise concealing combatant status is legitimate. Spies may be used but they do not have the right to prisoner-of-war status.” 
Croatia, Basic Rules of the Law of Armed Conflicts – Commanders’ Manual, Republic of Croatia, Ministry of Defence, 1992, § 31.