Règle correspondante
Practice Relating to Rule 88. Non-Discrimination
Section C. Wounded and sick
France’s LOAC Summary Note (1992) states: “Captured combatants whether they are wounded, sick or shipwrecked shall be cared for … and benefit from the same treatment as friendly military personnel.” 
France, Fiche de Synthèse sur les Règles Applicables dans les Conflits Armés, Note No. 432/DEF/EMA/OL.2/NP, Général de Corps d’Armée Voinot (pour l’Amiral Lanxade, Chef d’Etat-major des Armées), 1992, § 2.1
France’s Code of Defence (2004), as amended in 2008, states: “Combatants must collect, protect and care for the wounded, sick and shipwrecked without any discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, religion, nationality, ideology or ethnic group.” 
France, Code of Defence, 2004, as amended in 2008, Article D4122-8.