Règle correspondante
Practice Relating to Rule 161. International Cooperation in Criminal Proceedings
Section D. Political offence exception to extradition
Switzerland’s Federal Act on International Mutual Assistance (1981), as amended to 2010, states:
1. A request [for criminal cooperation including the extradition of persons who are the subject of criminal prosecution or have been convicted] shall not be granted if the subject of the proceedings is an act which, in the Swiss view, is of a predominantly political nature, constitutes a violation of the obligation to perform military or similar service, or appears to be directed against the national security or military defence of the requesting State.
2. The plea that an act is of a political nature shall not be taken into account under any circumstances:
a. in cases of genocide;
b. in cases of crimes against humanity;
c. in cases of war crimes; or
d. if the act appears particularly reprehensible because the offender, for the purpose of extortion or duress, has endangered or threatened to endanger the life or limb of persons, especially by hijacking aircraft, using means of mass extermination, causing a catastrophe or taking hostages. 
Switzerland, Federal Act on International Mutual Assistance, 1981, as amended to 2010, Article 3(1)–(2).
[footnotes in original omitted]