Règle correspondante
Practice Relating to Rule 116. Accounting for the Dead
Section A. Identification of the dead prior to disposal
Argentina’s Law of War Manual (1969) provides that the dead shall be identified prior to their disposal. 
Argentina, Leyes de Guerra, RC-46-1, Público, II Edición 1969, Ejército Argentino, Edición original aprobado por el Comandante en Jefe del Ejército, 9 May 1967, § 3.005; see also Law of War Manual (1989), §§ 2.06, 6.01 and 6.04.
In its judgment in the Military Juntas case in 1985, Argentina’s Court of Appeal referred to the rule that prior to burial or cremation, the dead should be examined, if possible by a doctor. 
Argentina, Court of Appeal, Military Juntas case, Judgment, 9 December 1985.