Règle correspondante
Practice Relating to Rule 67. Inviolability of Parlementaires
Venezuela’s Code of Military Justice (1998), as amended, punishes “those who make an attempt on the lives of parlementaires or offend them”. 
Venezuela, Code of Military Justice, 1998, as amended, Article 474(13).
Venezuela’s Revised Penal Code (2000) punishes any individual, whether a national or not, who, “during a war of Venezuela against another nation, violates … the principles observed by civilized peoples in time of war, such as respect for … the white flag [and] parlementaires”. 
Venezuela, Revised Penal Code, 2000, Article 156(1).
Venezuela’s Penal Code (2005) states:
The following shall be punished with military arrest or political prison for one to four years:
1. Venezuelan or foreign nationals who, during a war between Venezuela and another nation, violate the … principles observed by civilized peoples during war such as respect for … parlementaires … , without prejudice to military laws which shall be specially applicable to these matters. 
Venezuela, Penal Code, 2005, Article 155(1).