Règle correspondante
Trinidad and Tobago
Practice Relating to Rule 59. Improper Use of the Distinctive Emblems of the Geneva Conventions
Trinidad and Tobago’s Red Cross Society Act (1963) punishes:
Any person not being a member of the [Red Cross] Society who -
wears or displays the emblem of the Red Cross on an article of clothing, badge, paper, or in any other way whatsoever, or any insignia coloured in imitation thereof in such a way as to be likely to deceive those to whom it is visible, for the purpose of inducing the belief that he is a member of, or agent for the Society, or that he has been recognised by the Society as possessing any qualification for administering first aid or other treatment for the relief of sickness. 
Trinidad and Tobago, Red Cross Society Act, 1963, Section 8(b).