Règle correspondante
Practice Relating to Rule 117. Accounting for Missing Persons
Section A. Search for missing persons
Chad’s Instructor’s Manual (2006) states: “Searches must be carried out to trace missing persons.” 
Chad, Droit international humanitaire, Manuel de l’instructeur en vigueur dans les forces armées et de sécurité, Ministère de la Défense, Présidence de la République, Etat-major des Armées, 2006, p. 94.
Chad’s Decree on the Establishment of a Commission of Inquiry (2008) states:
Article 1: A Commission of inquiry has been established for the events that occurred in the Republic of Chad from 28 January to 08 February 2008 and their consequences.
Article 2: The mission of the commission of inquiry is to find and provide information about people reported missing … As such, it is responsible for the following tasks:
- receive, hear or interview anyone complaining of a case of disappearance of relatives, friends or allies;
- conduct any research that could shed light on the exact circumstances of the disappearance of a person;
- conduct investigations abroad and/or in Chad, particularly in areas that suffered badly from the consequences of the events, in particular Oum Hadjer, Ati, N'Djamena, Massaguet, Bitkine, Mongo, Aboudeïa and Am-Timan;
- produce an inquiry report addressed to the President of the Republic. 
Chad, Decree on the Establishment of a Commission of Inquiry, 2008, Articles 1–2.