Règle correspondante
Practice Relating to Rule 27. Religious Personnel
Somalia’s Military Criminal Code (1963) states:
378. Violence against … ministers of religion – 1. … [A]nyone who uses violence against any of the persons regularly assigned to the medical service, when, in accordance with the law and international agreements, the said personnel must be respected and protected, shall be punished by imprisonment for 5 to 15 years.
2. The same penalty shall be applied if the act is committed against any of the ministers of religion assigned to the armed forces.
3. If the violence consists of homicide, including attempted murder or manslaughter, or severe personal injury, the corresponding penalties prescribed in the criminal code shall be applied. The penalty of short-term imprisonment shall, however, be increased.
379. Failure to release … ministers of religion. – Anyone who, in violation of the laws and international agreements, fails to hand over or release or otherwise detains any of the persons referred to in the preceding article when they have ceased to carry out their work in … places where they were providing services, shall be punished by military confinement for one to five years. 
Somalia, Military Criminal Code, 1963, Articles 378–379.