Règle correspondante
Practice Relating to Rule 154. Obedience to Superior Orders
Somalia’s Act of Military Discipline (1975) states:
Oat[h] of the army
I swear by the name of Allah:
- To comply and obey my superiors without wavering
2. From that day onwards, the person is bound to effectively fulfil this pledge. Any instances of failing to keep this pledge are considered as dishonest … and the person shall be liable for punishment.
12. Obedience shall be based on swiftness, respect and must not be half-hearted. [A] [s]oldier shall not hesitate or show half-heartedness or [make] comments, even if he feels that he is right, [that the] given order is wrong or that he has been punished unjustly. However, the soldier is allowed to submit a complaint in accordance [with] the complaint procedures. But the complaint shall be made only after the soldier [carries out] completely the given order. 
Somalia, Act of Military Discipline, 1975, Articles 1–2 and 12; see also Articles 4, 7, 11, 17 and 72.