Règle correspondante
Practice Relating to Rule 117. Accounting for Missing Persons
Section B. Provision of information on missing persons
Peru’s IHL and Human Rights Manual (2010) states: “Each party to the conflict must endeavour to trace persons reported missing by an adverse party, which must provide all the relevant information on the missing persons in order to facilitate the search.” 
Peru, Manual de Derecho Internacional Humanitario y Derechos Humanos para las Fuerzas Armadas, Resolución Ministerial No. 049-2010/DE/VPD, Lima, 21 May 2010, § 69(a), p. 269.
Peru’s Directive on Investigations of Sites where Human Remains Were Discovered (2009) states:
Any preliminary forensic information, specific information obtained during the recovery of the bodies and their associated evidence, as well as information gathered during the laboratory analysis – which includes genetic information – shall be registered in an information management system, namely the Pre-Mortem/Post-Mortem Database of the International Committee of the Red Cross. 
Peru, Directive on Investigations of Sites where Human Remains Were Discovered, 2009, Article 32.