Règle correspondante
Practice Relating to Rule 28. Medical Units
Nicaragua’s Military Manual (1996) states, with respect to international armed conflicts, that assistance to the wounded, sick and shipwrecked includes a requirement of “respect for and protection of medical establishments and units” and “protection of civilian hospitals”. 
Nicaragua, Manual de Comportamiento y Proceder de las Unidades Militares y de los Miembros del Ejército de Nicaragua en Tiempo de Paz, Conflictos Armados, Situaciones Irregulares o Desastres Naturales, Ejército de Nicaragua, Estado Mayor General, Asesoría Jurídica del Nicaragua, 1996, Article 14(2) and (36).
Nicaragua’s Military Penal Code (1996) provides for the punishment of any soldier who “knowingly violates the protection due to medical establishments, medical mobile units, … and medical material … which are recognizable by the established signs or the character of which can unequivocally be distinguished from a distance”, provided that the protection due is not misused for hostile purposes. 
Nicaragua, Military Penal Code, 1996, Article 57(1).