Règle correspondante
Practice Relating to Rule 107. Spies
Section B. Status of spies
Mexico’s Army and Air Force Manual (2009), in a section on the 1977 Additional Protocol I, states: “Spies … are not entitled to prisoner-of-war status.” 
Mexico, Manual de Derecho Internacional Humanitario para el Ejército y la Fuerza Área Mexicanos, Ministry of National Defence, June 2009, § 259; see also § 255.
Mexico’s Code of Military Justice (1933), as amended in 1996, provides that spies will be punished by death. Once spies have returned to their own troops and are then arrested, they cannot be punished as spies, but have to be treated as prisoners of war. 
Mexico, Code of Military Justice, 1933, as amended in 1996, Articles 206–207.