Règle correspondante
Republic of Korea
Practice Relating to Rule 113. Treatment of the Dead
The Republic of Korea’s Operational Law Manual (1996) states that the mutilation of dead bodies is a war crime. 
Republic of Korea, Operational Law Manual, 1996, Articles 1(4) and 2.
Under the Republic of Korea’s military regulations, “injuring dead bodies” is a war crime. 
Republic of Korea, Military Regulation 187, 1 January 1991, Article 4.2; Military Operations Law of War Compliance Regulation, Regulation No. 525-8, 1 November 1993, Statute 525-8 of United Nations Command/Combined Force Command (UNC/CFC), Statute of Observing Laws of War of 15 December 1988.
Under the Republic of Korea’s Military Criminal Code (1962), “a person who takes the clothes and other property of the dead … in the combat area” commits a punishable offence. 
Republic of Korea, Military Criminal Code, 1962, Article 82.