Practice Relating to Nuclear Weapons
In 1996, during a debate in the First Committee of the UN General Assembly, Kenya stated:
Kenya affirms its belief in such regional agreements as a useful means of reducing tension, encouraging sustainable socio-economic development, promoting confidence and enhancing regional stability and security. These agreements are also intended to encourage peaceful uses of nuclear technology and should, to that extent, be used as vehicles for the transfer of technology. In this connection, we support the initiative of the delegation of Brazil to promote a nuclear-free zone in the southern hemisphere. We are convinced that nuclear technology will play an instrumental role in the socio-economic sphere and in this regard look forward with anticipation and hope to the sixth Review Conference of the States parties to the NPT [Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty]. 
Kenya, Statement before the First Committee of the UN General Assembly, UN Doc. A/C.1/51/PV.11, 22 October 1996, p. 22.