Règle correspondante
Practice Relating to Rule 38. Attacks against Cultural Property
Under Jordan’s Antiquities Law (1966), it is prohibited “to destroy, disfigure or cause any harm to antiquities”. 
Jordan, Antiquities Law, 1966, Article 9.
Jordan’s Military Penal Code (2002) states that the following shall be deemed a war crime when committed in the event of armed conflict:
Intentionally directing attacks against historic monuments, buildings dedicated to religion and places of worship, works of art, provided they are not used for military purposes or are located directly near military objectives. 
Jordan, Military Penal Code, 2002, Article 41(a)(18).
The Report on the Practice of Jordan notes that Islamic law lays down the principle of the inviolability of places of worship and states that Jordan has always respected this principle and has always protested against any violations of this principle by its adversaries. 
Report on the Practice of Jordan, 1997, Chapter 4.3.