Règle correspondante
Practice Relating to Rule 52. Pillage
Section A. General
Indonesia’s Air Force Manual (1990) provides: “It is prohibited to … pillage any property of the enemy.” 
Indonesia, The Basics of International Humanitarian Law in Air Warfare, Indonesian Air Force, 1990, § 15(b)(7).
Indonesia’s Directive on Human Rights (1995) in Irian Jaya and Maluku states: “Appropriation and theft of the property of the population is a criminal offence.” 
Indonesia, Directive concerning Human Rights, issued by the Commander of the Regional Military Command of Irian Jaya and Maluku, 1995, § 9.
Under Indonesia’s Penal Code (1946), theft committed on the occasion of “riots, insurgencies or war” is a punishable offence. 
Indonesia, Penal Code, 1946, § 363.
Indonesia’s Military Penal Code (1947) punishes:
Anyone who commits theft by misusing his/her official position …
Any military personnel who commits theft in the area under his/her authority …
Any member of the armed forces who is being prepared for warfare and commits theft or threatens to abuse his/her authority or opportunity and official facilities …
Any person subject to military court authority who is being prepared for warfare, or who accompanying with the approval of the military authority, commits theft by abusing his/her authority, opportunity or official facilities. 
Indonesia, Military Penal Code, 1947, Articles 140–142(1).