Règle correspondante
Practice Relating to Rule 117. Accounting for Missing Persons
Guatemala’s Executive Order No. 264-2006 (2006) states:
The Executive Commission for the tracing of Persons who Disappeared during the Internal Armed Conflict is herewith established as a temporary institution and as a consultative and accessory organ … [This Commission] has the objective to coordinate the efforts of its members and of the other State organs and institutions as well as of entities of civil society, in order to establish mechanisms to be used in the process of tracing, investigating and clarifying the whereabouts of the persons who disappeared involuntarily … during the internal armed conflict which ended with the adoption of the Peace Agreements. 
Guatemala, Executive Order No. 264-2006, 2006, Article 1.
In 2003, in its fourth periodic report to the Committee against Torture, Guatemala stated:
As recommended by the Historical Clarification Commission which arose out of the peace agreements, a National Commission to Search for Missing Children has been set up. It is supported by the Office of the … [Ombudsman] for Human Rights and is made up of a number of bodies that work in coordination, including: the Human Rights Office of the Archdiocese of Guatemala, the Office of the Children’s Ombudsman, the Asociación Casa Alianza Guatemalateca, the Liga Guatemalteca de Higiene Menta (Guatemalan mental health league), the Grupo Monseñor Romero, the Legal Action Centre for Human Rights, the Widows’ National Coordinating Committee, the Mutual Support Group, the Rigoberta Menchú Foundation, the Asociación Dónde están los Niños y las Niñas (Where are the children association) and the Centro de Investigación Internacional de Derechos Humanos (International human rights research centre). The commission’s mission is to support, promote and reinforce efforts to document cases, track down children and reunite families; it will also give impetus to efforts to obtain justice, assistance and reparation, and to legal actions to help along the searches for missing children. 
Guatemala, Fourth periodic report to the Committee against Torture, 27 May 2005, UN Doc. CAT/C/74/Add.1, submitted 8 December 2003, § 48.