Règle correspondante
Practice Relating to Rule 92. Mutilation and Medical, Scientific or Biological Experiments
Under Georgia’s Criminal Code (1999), in international or internal armed conflicts, it is a crime to subject protected persons to medical experiments. It adds that it also constitutes a crime to subject persons under the authority of a party (in detention or deprived of liberty) to
any medical procedure which is not indicated by the state of health of the person concerned and which is not consistent with generally accepted medical standards which would be applied under similar medical circumstances to persons who are nationals of the party conducting the procedure, in particular, subjecting such persons, even with their consent:
(a) to acts causing physical mutilations;
(b) carrying out medical and scientific experiments;
(c) removal of tissue or organs for transplantation. 
Georgia, Criminal Code, 1999, Articles 411(2)(b) and 412.