Règle correspondante
Practice Related to Rule 95. Forced Labour
Djibouti’s Disciplinary Regulations (1982) states: “It is prohibited for combatants to … force the nationals of the adverse party to take part in military operations against their country”. 
Djibouti, Décret no. 82-028/PR/DEF du 5 mai 1982 portant règlement de la discipline générale dans les Forces armées, Article 30(3).
Djibouti’s Manual on International Humanitarian Law (2004) states that the following “are currently considered as war crimes … if committed against any person not or no longer participating in hostilities: … compelling a prisoner of war or a civilian to serve in the armed forces of a hostile Power”. 
Djibouti, Manuel sur le droit international humanitaire et les droits de l’homme applicables au travail du policier, Ministère de l’Intérieur, Direction Générale de la Police, 2004, p. 50.