Règle correspondante
Practice Relating to Rule 100. Fair Trial Guarantees
Section K. Public proceedings
Switzerland’s Criminal Procedure Code (2007), as amended to 2012, which regulates the prosecution and adjudication by the federal and cantonal criminal justice authorities of offences under federal law, including war crimes, states:
Art. 69 Principles
1. Proceedings before the court of first instance and the court of appeal, together with the oral passing of judgments and decrees of these courts shall, with the exception of the judges' deliberations, be conducted in public.
Art. 70 Restrictions on and exclusion of public access
1. The court may completely or partly exclude members of the public from court hearings if:
a. public safety or order or the legitimate interests of a person involved, and in particular the victim, so require. 
Switzerland, Criminal Procedure Code, 2007, as amended to 2012, Articles 69(1) and 70(1)(a).
In 2010, in its Report on IHL and Current Armed Conflicts, Switzerland’s Federal Council stated:
3.4 [Increasing use] of anti-guerrilla tactics
Apart from the direct fight against insurgents, international humanitarian law also addresses other anti-guerrilla tactics. … If members of militias or opposition groups fall into the hands of the government they benefit from the protection of art. 75 of [the 1977] Additional Protocol I as well as that of art. 3 common to the [1949] Geneva Conventions. 
Switzerland, Federal Council, Report on IHL and Current Armed Conflicts, 17 September 2010, Section 3.4, p. 15.
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