Règle correspondante
Practice Relating to Rule 143. Dissemination of International Humanitarian Law among the Civilian Population
Canada’s LOAC Manual (1999) states: “Canada … has the obligation to … encourage the study of the LOAC by the civilian population.” 
Canada, The Law of Armed Conflict at the Operational and Tactical Level, Office of the Judge Advocate General, 1999, p. 15-1, § 6.
Canada’s Prisoner of War Handling and Detainees Manual (2004) states:
The GCs [1949 Geneva Conventions] and AP I [1977 Additional Protocol I] place a duty on their signatories in time of both peace and war to circulate the texts as widely as possible within their countries. They are especially required to ensure that the implications of the GCs and AP I are clearly understood by the members of their Armed Forces and by the civilian population. In order to assist this process, the GCs and AP I place an obligation on signatories to disseminate the text of the Conventions to appropriate military and civilian personnel. 
Canada, Prisoner of War Handling, Detainees, Interrogation and Tactical Questioning in International Operations, B-GJ-005-110/FP-020, National Defence Headquarters, 1 August 2004, § 104.1.