Règle correspondante
Practice Relating to Rule 128. Release and Return of Persons Deprived of Their Liberty
Section A. Release and return without delay
Bangladesh’s International Crimes (Tribunal) Act (1973) states that the “violation of any humanitarian rules applicable in armed conflicts laid down in the Geneva Conventions of 1949” is a crime. 
Bangladesh, International Crimes (Tribunal) Act, 1973, Section 3(2)(e).
In 1992, during a debate in the UN Security Council concerning the situation in the former Yugoslavia, Bangladesh stated that a “strong signal should be conveyed to the Serbs that they must release all prisoners and detainees from the concentration camps and abolish all such camps immediately”. 
Bangladesh, Statement before the UN Security Council, UN Doc. S/PV.3137, 16 November 1992, p. 111.