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Germany, Federal Republic of
Practice Relating to Rule 25. Medical Personnel
At the CDDH, the Federal Republic of Germany stated that it could not agree that “the definitions of Article 8 [of the 1977 Additional Protocol I] could apply to the Geneva Conventions, but they should apply to the whole of [the 1977 Additional Protocol I], and not only to part II”. 
Germany, Federal Republic, Statement at the CDDH, Official Records, Vol. XI, CDDH/II/SR.4, 12 March 1974, p. 26, § 10.
The Federal Republic of Germany also explained that the distinction between local and foreign non-Red Cross relief organizations was “to avoid the situation of an obscure private group from outside the country establishing itself as an aid society within the territory and then being recognized by the rebels”. 
Germany, Federal Republic of, Statement at the CDDH, Official Records, Vol. XII, CDDH/II/SR.80, 4 June 1976, p. 270, § 16.